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Enviro-Sports' Sharkfest® Swim Series began with the Alcatraz Sharkfest® Swim back in 1993. After 17 years, we started expanding the series by creating the San Diego Sharkfest® Swim. Now our Sharkies are making waves across across the nation in Austin, Boston, Charleston, Chicago, Hudson River, Lake Tahoe, Newport (RI), Oxford (MD), San Diego, Zihuatanejo (Mexico!) and under Golden Gate Bridge! And we've got St. Augustine and Washington DC in our sights for future Sharkfest® Swims. You better watch out, the Sharks might be coming to a body of water near you!

Now that the Sharkfest®
 Swim events are becoming a national series, we have decided to make the San Diego Sharkfest® Swim the National Sharkfest® Series Championship Event. Each overall first place winner (male and female) from each year's Sharkfest® Swim will win a spot to compete in that year's Championship event.

To enhance your Sharkfest experience, we are pleased to announce Sharkfest Wines: Bloody Red and Great White. Click here to read more about it! These wines are available for purchase online at www.sharkfestwine.com.

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